Sat 15 Jun 2019
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Tail Light on Bike
1760.00 16801
The Real Medico
188.00 9261
3 men and a river
655.00 12237
Hot air ballon ride
155.00 8364
The lumberjack
110.00 7646
How old am I?
565.00 12995
Hunting in the jungle
186.00 8379
How many babies?
383.00 10589
Lipstick on the mirror
272.00 10012
Dragging Their Feet
220.00 8321
Farmer Joe and his Mule
106.00 8057
Three Hunters
189.00 8314
Teacher's Pet
261.00 9084
Cow Pat Lip Gloss
100.00 8464
Jesus & the Robber
320.00 9633
The Teacher's Gift
103.00 8453
Shoot The Pig
105.00 8528
The Creation of Man
165.00 9235
Cat in the Way
71.00 8361
Dumb Crooks Roundup
28.00 8399

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Why I Should't Babysit - Contributor:
Joke of the Week
Brooms & Carrotsticks - Contributor:
Bob was joining the army and they were handing out rifles when he arrived, so he got in line. When it got to Bob, they had run out of guns. The man issuing rifles gave him a broom
"This is a magic broom -- point it at anybody, say 'Bangity bangity bang,' and they will die." Bob was really worried because he didn't think it would work, but he got in line for bayonets, thinking he might stand a chance if he could stab them to death. As luck would have it, Bob's turn came and they had ran out.
"Don't worry." said the man issuing them out. "I will give you this magic carrot -- point it at somebody, say 'Stabbity stabbity stab,' and they will die." Now Bob is terrified, going into battle with a broom and carrot, when the sirens go off, signaling invasion. Bob goes out, only to be laughed at by the enemy. One enemy even comes up to him, hoping to get a good shot at him. Well, Bob didn't have anything to lose so he pointed at him and said "Bangity bangity bang!" and the guy fell down dead. He did the same thing with the magic carrot. Amazed at what was happening, he continued to fight. Then, a guy came slowly up to him and he would not die. Bob tried to shoot and stab him, but he wouldn't die. The last words poor Bob heard as he was being trampled over were "Tankity tankity tank."
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